A comparison between the sports of rugby and football

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What's the Difference Between American Football and Rugby?

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Comparison of Gaelic football and rugby union

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Differences Between Rugby and Football

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A comparison of Gaelic football and rugby union is possible because of certain similarities between the codes, as well as the numerous dissimilarities. Until the mids, both codes were strictly amateur. The highest level of Gaelic Football remains amateur, whereas rugby union now offers professional and semi-professional levels of competition.

A comparison between American football and rugby league is possible because of their shared origins and similar game concepts. Along with Canadian football, rugby league is the most similar sport to American football.

Both sports involve the concept of a limited number of downs/tackles and scoring touchdowns/tries takes clear precedence over goal-kicking. This article is a guest contribution from Aussie freelancer Logan Grayson. Although to every American, and the rest of English-speaking world, the difference between football and rugby is as obvious as difference between night and day, to the rest of the humanity lines may be somewhat blurred.

Both the American Football field and the Rugby field measure very close to the same in length about meters however an American football field is about twice as wide as a Rugby field. This is a huge difference in the amount of agility and speed an American football player is required to have.

Home / American Football / 9 Differences Between Rugby and the NFL. 9 Differences Between Rugby and the NFL By James Mortimer on 11/14/ @rugbycountry. Share. Tweet. Share. Share. 2 comments. and establish American Football as a global sport with a global community.

In rugby it is spinal injuries from scrums that are the most dangerous ( rugby players in Britain have been paralysed by playing the game).

Allyson Pollock, a professor of public health, says.

A comparison between the sports of rugby and football
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