A comparison of the difference in managing physical or financial capital and human capital

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The Differences Between Physical & Financial Capital

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Human capital vs. physical capital: What is the difference?

Human Capital. Human capital, which exists solely in the form of intelligence, education and knowledge stored in the brains of company owners and employees, is a type of business capital that shouldn't be overlooked.

On the other hand, a physical capital maintenance concept of capital is where the capital of an entity is regarded as its production capacity. Capacity could be based on its units of output. Under the financial capital maintenance concept, capital is synonymous with the net assets or equity of the entity.

The difference between human capital and physical capital. human capital is machinery and man-made objects physical capital is ideas labor and natural resources. ECON ch 21 Economic growth. 41 terms. Ch 7 and 8. Features. Quizlet Live. Quizlet. Financial capital is a much broader term than economic capital.

In a sense, anything can be a form of financial capital as long as it has a money value and is. Financial Capital plays an important role in our economy, enabling the other types of Capital to be owned and traded.

But unlike the other types, it has no real value itself but is representative of natural, human, social or manufactured capital; e.g. shares, bonds or banknotes.

A comparison of the difference in managing physical or financial capital and human capital
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Difference Between Financial And Physical Capital Maintenance