A description of jefferson davis as the president of the confederate states of america and led the n

Confederate States of America

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Alexander Hamilton

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Jefferson Davis

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United States

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Jefferson Davis

The first national flag of the Confederate States of America with 13 stars. John Thomson was a widower with six small children, William, Matthew, Alexander, Charles, John and Mary, determined to make a home for them in America. Facts, information and articles about Jefferson Davis, a prominent figure of the Civil War Jefferson Davis Facts Born June 3,Fairview, Kentucky Died December 6,New Orleans, Louisiana Office Held President Of Confederate States February 18, – May 10, Military Rank Colonel Wars Fought Black Hawk War Mexican-American War Jefferson Davis.

Jun 04,  · In Eastman and Abbeville, Georgia, for example, nearly identical markers sponsored by the Georgia Historical Commission in recount Jefferson Davis’ final days as president of the Confederate States of America.

When he was captured, the markers say, “his hopes for a new nation, in which each state would exercise without interference its. Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America and led the nation through the Civil War.

Davis was a United States military officer, Congressman, Senator, and Secretary-of-War before elected (Catton and McPherson -p).

A description of jefferson davis as the president of the confederate states of america and led the n
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