A discussion on the immigration of afghanistan refugees to iran and pakistan

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'Now is not the time': violence forces refugees to flee Afghanistan again

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The Economic Toll of Afghanistan's Refugee Crisis

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Five million illegal immigrants residing in Pakistan

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Closed Door Policy: Afghan Refugees in Pakistan and Iran

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Roots work in factories or as employees of English shop owners. Adding on to the shared bloody history, Iran has been experiencing large waves of Afghan immigration since the Soviet-Mujaheddin war of the s, followed by Taliban rule and later the American invasion.

Pakistan wants millions of Afghan refugees gone. It's a humanitarian crisis waiting to happen. GlobalPost. Taliban fighters in Afghanistan and Pakistan have long crisscrossed the porous. Afghan refugees are Afghanis who left their country as a result of major wars or persecution.

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan started the internal displacement and refugee flow from Afghanistan to neighboring Pakistan and redoakpta.com Aprila major civil war began after the mujahideen took control of Kabul and the other major redoakpta.coms again fled to neighboring countries.

Pakistan hosts 1, refugees, and Iranat 1 January The majority have been resident in both countries since fleeing the Soviet War in Afghanistan during the s. Despite the success of voluntary repatriation programmes both in Pakistan and Iran, many Afghan refugees have specific needs, vulnerabilities and protection.

Pakistan and Iran absorbed more than 7 million Afghan refugees after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in touched off years of fighting. Many of the refugees went home after U.S.-backed. The Economic Toll of Afghanistan's Refugee Crisis. Iran and Pakistan.

Maharashtra, India. He is currently doing research on the prospects .

A discussion on the immigration of afghanistan refugees to iran and pakistan
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What is the attitude towards Afghan refugees in Iran? : iranian