Adorno and the need in thinking new critical essays

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Adorno and the Need in Thinking : New Critical Essays

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Theodor W. Adorno

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Contemporary Metaphilosophy

It is unprecedented in its design: a brilliantly selected group of essays on music coupled with lucid, deeply incisive, and in every way masterly analysis of Adorno's thinking.

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Adorno and the need in thinking: new critical essays. [Donald A Burke;] -- "This collection of essays is a testament to Adorno's profound influence in areas such as politics, language, cultural studies, and ethics.

Adorno and the need in thinking : new critical essays

"A volume of Adorno's essays is equivalent to a whole shelf of books on literature."-Susan Sontag "Adorno expounds what may be called a new philosophy of consciousness. Adorno and the Need in Thinking: New Critical Essays 1st Edition.

by Donald Burke (Editor), Colin J. Campbell (Editor), Kathy Kiloh (Editor), & Be the first to review this item Adorno and the Need in Thinking examines questions dealt with in the works of Adorno.

Adorno and the need in thinking new critical essays
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