An analysis of charlie and the chocolate factory and alice in wonderland two movies by tim burton

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Johnny Depp

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Depp made his mistake debut in A Host on El Street and later did a credible TV serial named 21 Thoughtful Street in which his role as an incredible cop was much appreciated. Missi Pyle as Mildred:. An Analysis of Art & Design in the Films of Tim Burton Tim Burton is one of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers.

A Beginner’s Guide To… Tim Burton

He started out as an animator at Disney and directed well-received short films such as “Vincent” () and “Frankenweenie” (), before making the leap into feature-length movies.

Tim Burton creates surreal/ fantasy locations and characters in his films. In these two pictures from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Alice In Wonderland you can.

Mar 03,  · Watch video · Eventually, Tim Burton has added his potential for design to a movie completely without content.

Johnny Depp: Anatomy of a Fallen Movie Star

The only metaphor I see is Lewis Carroll appearing at the end in the figure of the Jabberwokie, and Alice, slaying him/10(K). Most recently, Tim Burton re-imagined the Lewis Carroll classic as few could in his film version of "Alice In Wonderland," ().

This wonderful film is a wild, colorful and surreal ride, especially with complimentary 3-D eyeware, and it stars Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter and. In both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Edward Scissorhands, there are characters that come across as coquettish and flirtatious because of their interactions with other characters.

Joyce's actions around Edward are more obviously flirtatious than any taken by any character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. An Analysis of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland, Two Movies by Tim Burton.

An analysis of charlie and the chocolate factory and alice in wonderland two movies by tim burton
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