An analysis of the causes of growth of new york between the years 1825 and 1860

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History of New York City (1855–1897)

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Growth of New York, New York's growth between the years and can be attributed to a number of factors. Apr 01,  · Agrarian Workingmen’s Party, New York City, political cartoon, ca.

(Columbia University Libraries) Find more primary resources on popular democracy between the s and s in The Triumph of Nationalism/The House Dividing.4/5(2).

History of immigration to the United States

Spann, Edward K. Gotham at War: New York City, () Stern, Robert AM, Thomas Mellins, and David Fishman. New York Architecture and Urbanism in the Gilded Age () Voorsanger, Catherine Hoover, & Howat, John K., eds.

(). Art and the empire city: New York, New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. ISBN New York's growth between the years and can be attributed to a number of factors. These include but cannot be limited to the construction of the Erie Canal, the invention of the telegraph, the developed of the railroads, the establishment of Wall Street and banking, the textile, shipping, agriculture and newpaper industries, the development of steam power and the use of iron products.

An analysis of the causes of growth of new york between the years 1825 and 1860
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