An analysis of the coastal erosion between the human and natural influences

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Anthropogenic Influences and Management

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Coastal management is defence against flooding and erosion, and techniques that stop erosion to claim lands.


Coastal zones occupy less than 15% of the Earth's land area, while they host more than 45% of the world population. Nearly billion people live within km of a shoreline and m of sea level, with an average density 3 times higher.

CHAPTER 4 PROTECTION FROM COASTAL EROSION Thematic paper: The role of coastal forests and trees in protecting against coastal erosion. Gegar Prasetya 1.

1000 GIS Applications & Uses – How GIS Is Changing the World

1 Introduction. Shoreline changes induced by erosion and accretion are natural processes that take place over a range of time scales. To different degrees, both natural factors and human influences affect lake levels. Screenshot of GLERL Water Level Dashboard.

Human Influences. or artificially discharged water and the rate at which it arrives on the ground surface has a large influence on erosion.

Human causes of coastal erosion

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Coastal Zone The two mainly processes in involved in the formation of coastal land forms are Erosion and Deposition Erosion Plunge pool undercuts hard rock which collapses. George cut as waterfall moves back Softer rock erodes more quickly Plunge pool New plunge pool Coastal erosion results from beach-ocean interaction coupled with human activity.

An analysis of the coastal erosion between the human and natural influences
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