An introduction to the religion of zionism and zionists

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Christian Zionism

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Religious Zionism

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Zionism may be summarily defined as the Jewish nationalist movement whose endeavors to solve the “Jewish problem” led to the establishment of the “Jewish state” of Israel. Defining Neighbors boldly challenges this view, shedding new light on how Zionists and Arabs understood each other in the earliest years of Zionist settlement in Palestine and suggesting that the current singular focus on boundaries misses key elements of the conflict.

As a religious movement, Zionism emerged from traditional Jewish commitments and religious passions. As a modern political ideology, Zionism can be described as the secularization of the religious value of Jewish peoplehood. Yet Zionism and Israel arose from other historical factors as well.

INTRODUCTION to "The History of Zionism" by Nahum Sokolow Longmans, By the Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour, M. P. Whether it be helpful for one who is not a Jew, either by race or religion, to say even the briefest word by way of introduction to a book on Zionism is, in my own opinion, doubtful.

Zionism Zionism fast facts and introduction The Holocaust and its aftermath left millions of refugees, including many Jews who had lost most or all of their family members and posessions, and often faced persistent anti-Semitism in their home countries.

Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people. Zionism is the political movement supporting Israel. As many Jews support Israel, they are linked, but they cover different areas of belief, because Judaism is religious; Zionism is political.

Tl;dr: Judaism is a religion; Zionism is a political ideology.

An introduction to the religion of zionism and zionists
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