Girl groups and the history of

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The Darkest Moments in the History of Girl Groups

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List of best-selling girl groups

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Remembering Girl Groups of the 60's

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Girl group

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Feb 11,  · A very interesting documentary of Black girl groups in the redoakpta.comiews with Mary Wilson(Supremes),Darlene Love(The Crystals),Ronnie Spector(The Ronnets),Arlene Smith.

There were over 1, girl groups estimated that recorded music in the ’s. Only about two dozen out of that number went on to become famous hit makers. One of the most famous of the girl groups that emerged out of Detroit’s Motown music scene in the mid 60’s was The Supremes.

Nov 03,  · InGirls Aloud said goodbye to life on the stage, but leave a catalog of albums and a legacy of being the only female group in the United Kingdom's history of.

44 rows · The best-selling single of all time by a female group is thought to be the hit.

Bette Midler: It's the Girls

In this lesson, students will evaluate what the emergence of the Girl Groups says about the roles of girls and women in the early s, as the nation sat on the threshold of a new Women’s Rights movement that would challenge traditional female roles. The Girl Groups.

The s yielded one of pop music's most enjoyable trends, the "girl group" phenomenon. Starting in the s as a trickle represented by the Hearts, the Blossoms, the Joytones, the Clickettes, the Deltairs, the Quintones, the Chantels, and the Bobbettes, it became a flood of groups in the s, including the Shirelles, the Chiffons, the Shangri-Las, the Crystals, the.

Girl groups and the history of
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Remembering Girl Groups of the 60's | Groovy History