Local studies in the philippines about internet addiction

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Filipino Youth Computer Addiction

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Video Game Addiction No Fun

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Filipino Youth Computer Addiction

This includes gaming, gambling, pornography, shopping, blogging and social networking. Internet Use among Filipino Public Highs School Students Socorro Gultiano, Elizabeth King, Aniceto Orbeta and Prudenciano Gordoncillo The students make use of the Internet for their studies, i.e., to help with their The students report addiction as the main disadvantage of Internet use.

This then. Background. Internet addiction (IA) is a common problem found in young Asians. This study aimed to study the influence of IA and online activities on health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in. Internet addiction is highest in the Philippines, according to both the IAT (5%) and the CIAS-R (21%).

Internet addictive behavior is common among adolescents in Asian. Internet use among public high school students in the Philippines. Further, the study will examine associations of Internet use in relation to knowledge, attitudes and practices. Internet addiction disorder refers to the problematic use of the Internet, including the various aspects of its technology, such as electronic mail (e-mail) and the World Wide Web (American Psychiatric Association, ).

Students nowadays do have a known disorder, which is the IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder)/5(89).

Local studies in the philippines about internet addiction
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Filipino Youth Computer Addiction