The biotic and abiotic factors in a wetland ecosystem

Abiotic Factors in Natural Wetlands

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Structural and Functional Loss in Restored Wetland Ecosystems

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These are the only components. Biotic and abiotic parameters that distinguish types of temporary ponds in a Portuguese Mediterranean ecosystem.

Temporary ponds are seasonal wetland habitats subjected to extreme and unstable ecological conditions. Some are classified as priority habitats for conservation by the European Union Habitats Directive.

All About Wetlands >> Types. Not all wetlands are the same. There is significant diversity among wetland community types that result from abiotic and biotic environmental factors. Abiotic factors that are determined by hydrology in a wetland could include soil texture, water quality, or topography, whereas biotic factors influenced by hydrology in a wetland would be plant and animal types, diversity, or quantity.

The main biotic factors used by a beaver are trees. Beavers use trees to build a dam to block moving water, which in turn changes the effect of the abiotic factor water on the environment.

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It changes the environment and allows for more types of organisms to populate the ecosystem. Abiotic factors mean non living factors.

What is an Ecosystem?

Some that are critical to wetlands are: pH of water, DO (dissolved oxygen), temperature, and soil composition. The pH of the water controls what type of. Ecosystem: A functioning unit (system) of nature made up of Biotic and Abiotic factors.

Each factor depends on the other to keep a balance in the ecological community. If one factor disappears, the whole system is affected.

The biotic and abiotic factors in a wetland ecosystem
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