The british critics and walter scotts reviews of frankenstein by mary shelley

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Frankenstein and the Critics (Illustrated. Includes full text of 'Frankenstein 181')

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moore, m. d., formerly professor in oakland college, eississippi, and in baltimore city college. A review of The Frankenstein Notebooks: A Facsimile Edition of Mary Shelley's Manuscript Novel, (Garland Publishing ).

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Frankenstein and the Critics presents a selection of the most prominent reviews from the time of Frankenstein’s publication. Also included is Mary Shelley’s uncensored text often labeled ‘Frankenstein ’ presented in its unabridged redoakpta.coms: Page 3 THE last printed catalogue of the Linonian Library, in I86o, gives a total of II volumes, and the last Brothers' Library Catalogue, involumes.

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The british critics and walter scotts reviews of frankenstein by mary shelley
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_Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine_ Review of _Frankenstein_, | Romantic Circles