The crusades and its impact on

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The Crusades: A Complete History

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What are some impacts of the Crusades?What are some impacts of the Crusades?

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The most important impact of the Crusades is that they led to European expansion into the rest of the world.

What are some impacts of the Crusades?What are some impacts of the Crusades?

It has been argued that the Crusades helped to cause the age of discovery that allowed. In an immediate sense, the Crusades had a terrible effect on some of the Muslim and Jewish inhabitants of the Middle East. During the First Crusade, for example, adherents of the two religions joined together to defend the cities of Antioch ( CE) and Jerusalem () from European Crusaders who laid siege to them.

The Crusades had a profound impact on Western civilization. Western society had to come to terms with its clear inferiority to the advanced cultures of the East, even as it wrestled with the. What were the Crusades’ impact on the architecture of Jerusalem?

Crusader kings ruled the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem from the Citadel, just south of David’s Gate (the present-day Jaffa Gate). Although the Crusaders made few alterations to Jerusalem’s walls, they rebuilt the Citadel by reinforcing David’s Tower (far left) and the fortress’s walls.

The legacy of the Crusades in contemporary Muslim world

The Crusades had a marked impact on the development of Western historical literature, bringing a plethora of chronicles and eyewitness accounts.

However, Constantinople never returned to its former glory after being sacked by the Fourth Crusade, and the schism between Eastern and Roman Catholic Christianity was further entrenched.

The crusades and its impact on
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