The good side of the vietnam and korean wars

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Dissent in Wars - The korean and vietnam wars

Crazy 30, - For the first key, the U. On the other side are those for whom the Vietnam War represented the very essence of evil. The United States had no business fighting this war and could never have won it. It was not like other wars. Jul 10,  · Shortly thereafter, another email came in, from a South Korean NGO that is active in reconciliation efforts regarding the Vietnam War violence between the two societies.

The Vietnam War has scarred, transformed and inspired countless writers and art practitioners. While the list of books about this conflict includes hundreds of enlightening works, we pick ten of the best texts offering illuminating perspectives on the war, its context and the effects it had on Vietnam.

Vietnam, Korea and Proxy Wars. Korean War. iv. Both governments felt they should rule the entire country. v.N. Korea attacks S. Korea. Supplying the Afghan resistance with American guns and anti-aircraft missiles seemed like a good idea and was the reason for the Soviets’ defeat.

Korean War Quiz Though many people find wars interesting to study, there are some that don’t really receive as much attention as the rest. Case in point, the Korean War was a massive conflict that devastated its namesake land. Sixty years after the non-ending of the Korean war – there is, to this day, no peace treaty – the lesson of that conflict is not, as Obama insisted in his speech, that "the drawdown after the end of World War II left us unprepared," but that involvement in other peoples’ civil wars is never to our benefit, or theirs.

The good side of the vietnam and korean wars
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KPOWS: What Happened to America's POWs from the Korean War?