The impact on aviation security and

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Four threats to aviation security – and four responses

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dent Bush signed into law the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA). This act established a new Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which consol-idated security e orts inside the Department of Transportation (DOT).

In addition, the ATSA mandated several important changes in civil aviation security procedures. Modern aviation security has created a relatively new, complex, and challenging set of travel conditions with impacts well beyond that of actual travel.

Background The traveler today who is not yet middle-aged would very likely be at a loss in an airport setting of the s, or even s. A study requisitioned by the European Commission estimates that inEuropean total expenditures on aviation security (for 18 member states) totalled € billion ($ billion US).

4 We estimate that total spending on aviation security by European airports has more than doubled in under 10 years, reaching € billion ($ billion US) in 5 A more complete picture of the trend in aviation security.

Modern aviation security has created a relatively new, complex, and challenging set of travel conditions with impacts well beyond that of actual travel.

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Background. The traveler today who is not yet middle-aged would very likely be at a loss in an airport setting of the s, or even s. The economic impact of airports and associated aviation activity is a crucial component of modern economies.

However, what is also increasingly important is that this economic impact is fully understood and appreciated outside of the aviation sector.

Aviation security enhancements Understanding the impact of bans on Personal Electronic Devices The decision by the US and UK governments to restrict the.

The impact on aviation security and
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