The intriguing scenes and story behind the film fgillo pontecorvos battle of algiers

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It is a film that asks us to challenge the way in which we view the events that play out in the world. Dec 06,  · Battle of Algiers, directed by Gillo Pontecorvo, is a film commissioned by the Algerian government to display the Algerian revolution from both the French and Algerian’s points of view.

The French wanted to establish a proper colonial presence, while the Algerians wanted only their independence and freedom.

The Battle of Algiers, however, remains the basis of Pontecorvo's fame - a model of how, without prejudice or compromise, a film-maker can illuminate history and tell.

A milestone of the Czech New Wave, Milos Forman’s first color film The Firemen’s Ball (Horí, má panenko) is both a dazzling comedy and a provocative political satire. A hilarious saga of good intentions confounded, the story chronicles a firemen’s ball where nothing goes right—from a.

Feb 18,  · Film directed by: Gillo Pontecorvo - Italy and Algeria, Film based on real events. Aug 04,  · As the story plays out against a glistening San Francisco Vertigo is my third favorite film, behind A Space Odyssey (2nd) and Citizen Kane (1st). 48= The Battle of Algiers. Gillo.

The intriguing scenes and story behind the film fgillo pontecorvos battle of algiers
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