The life and career of lucretia rudolph garfield

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First Lady Biography: Lucretia Garfield

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James A. Garfield

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Lucretia Rudolph

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A picturesque will be held on Friday, February 3,at 2 p. Lucretia "Crete" Rudolph was a devout member of the Churches of Christ. She was of German, Welsh, English and Irish ancestry. Lucretia Garfield's paternal great-grandfather immigrated to Pennsylvania (in a part that is now Delaware) from Württemberg, Germany.

Katherine Mansfield, who lived from tois considered to be one of the most remarkable short story writers of her time. Using her life experiences as. Lucretia Rudolph-Garfield served as First Lady of the United States in until the assassination of her husband, President James A.

Garfield. Welcome to Newfoundland's Grand Banks Genealogy site. It's a starting point to Newfoundland's unique background and way of life in North American history. Lucretia Rudolph married James A. Garfield in and became First Lady of the United States in She was born on April 19,in Garrettsville, Ohio.

Her parents firmly believed in the importance of education, and insisted that their daughter attend school. Lucretia Garfield also maintained the interests of her earlier life. She also continued to write precise essays on subjects that ranged from the deteriorating manners of children to .

The life and career of lucretia rudolph garfield
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