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1 The Imagery of Hosea's Family and the Restoration of Israel

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At the centre of the Hebrew Bible in the book of Hosea chapters one and three, lays a controversy about the marriage between the prophet Hosea and Gomer the harlot.

But Hosea seems to be an interpretation of Hosea 1: 2. The book of Hosea is one of great prophecy accounting for God's relentless love for His children. Hosea wrote it himself to the land and people of Israel (2). Hosea was called by God to be His voice to the people in about the middle of the eighth century b.c.

and dedicated at least thirty-eight years of His life to prophesizing (3).4/4(1). Hosea goes much more deeply to the roots of life, its doom and its salvation, than Amos can do. His message will be taken up and carried on to fuller insight by Jeremiah, but will reach its consummation only in the teaching of Jesus as interpreted in the Fourth Gospel.

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