The life and philosophical ideologies of comenius

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Education Ideologies: A comparative Study

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John Amos Comenius

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John Amos Comenius Biography

When the chicken is understood as a balanced living organism, all its critics reveal their quite meaning and the reality itself recommendations its laws to people, they will proceed to a successful harmony. 2 thoughts on “ Education Ideologies: A comparative Study ” gokingdom Having gone to school in America my entire life I was surprised to hear that I was educated under the Social Efficiency Model.

John Amos Comenius The Moravian theologian and educational reformer John Amos Comenius () is often called the father of modern education. John Amos Comenius was born on Mar. 28,in southeastern Moravia. The Sophistic movement that he railed at in life survived him, but by the 3rd century BC, was rapidly overtaken by the many philosophical schools of thought that Socrates influenced.

[] Socrates's death is considered iconic and his status as a martyr of philosophy overshadows most contemporary and posthumous criticism. Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education: A Biographical Introductiondeveloped from my more than three decades of teaching the history and philosophy of education at Loyola University Chicago and as a visiting professor at Northern Michigan University, Otterbein College, and the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

This ideology forms the basis of the federal Race to the Top funding and the No Child Left Behind mandates (Schiro, ). Comparing and Contrasting the Learner Centered and the Social Efficiency Ideologies of Education.

The Meaning of Life

The main focus of the Leaner Centered ideology is on the learner. John Amos Comenius, born at the end of the sixteenth centur,r and Maria Hontessori, born in the latter half of the nineteenth century, both educational reformers, dedicated to a common cause--the education of children--contributed.

The life and philosophical ideologies of comenius
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