The life and times of saint john of the cross

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St. John of the Cross

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Saint John of the Cross

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He also was the English translator of God Speaks in the Night: The Life, Times and Teaching of St. John of the Cross, a pictorial biography of St.

St. John of the Cross

John of the Cross commemorating the th anniversary of his death, published in several languages. December Saint John of the Cross was a 16th century reformer of the Carmelite way of life. Together with Saint Teresa of Avila, he lived the primitive Rule.

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Saint John of the Cross. Saint John of the Cross who is well known for his mystical writings and poetry, was closely associated with Saint Teresa in her work of founding the reformed Carmel. Juan de Ypes was born at Fontiveros in Spain in into a poor and struggling family.

Saint John of the Cross was born Juan de Yepes y Alvarez, in Fontiveros, Avila, Spain in His father was employed by wealthy family members as an accountant, but they disowned him when he. St. John of the Cross was a Spanish poet whose work is considered the summit of mystical Spanish literature.

He was glorified as a saint in by Pope Bendict XIII.

John of the Cross The life and times of saint john of the cross
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