The life and work of julia margaret cameron

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Julia Margaret Cameron: Dreamy Victorian era portraits

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It is now a Museum and Gallery dedicated to her life and work, which also showcases contemporary exhibitions from photographers around the globe. Julia Margaret Cameron (née Pattle; 11 June Calcutta – 26 January Kalutara, Ceylon) was a British photographer.[1] She became known for her portraits of celebrities of the time, and for photographs with Arthurian and other legendary or heroic 11 JuneCalcutta, British India.

They form a moving end to an extraordinary body of work - as the camera pulls back, Julia Margaret Cameron seems to be receding from her life, and when she does so, these others begin to crowd the.

According to one of Julia Margaret Cameron’s great-nieces, “we never knew what Aunt Julia was going to do next, nor did anyone else.” This is an accurate summation of the life of the British photographer (–), who took up the camera at age forty-eight and made more than twelve hundred images during a fourteen-year career.

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Candid Cameron

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The life and work of julia margaret cameron
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