The pros and cons of managed mental health care

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Benefits & Disadvantages of Managed Health Care

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Benefits & Disadvantages of Managed Health Care

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Violation An essay is a short piece of real that discusses, describes or essays one topic. Managed Health Care Managed health care is a system used to control costs, quality of and access to health care services, as well as the delivery of health care services to it’s members.

Managed health care started in the ’s in response to rising health care costs and new, advancing technology and equipment, which costs more to operate. "Managed care" is a set of techniques designed to make the providers of health care more accountable for the quality of the health care they deliver, for the real resources they burn in the.

The Cons First and foremost managed mental health care is a business and good business often prevents good medicine. Theoretically, a well implemented managed care could work well, but in order to make their stockholders happy, managed care companies do. While there has been some progress in introducing "managed care" into hitherto completely unmanaged and uncontrolled American health care system, the actual practice of "managed competition" is the rare exception, rather than the rule.

The advantages and disadvantages of managed care show that it can be an effective system of health care management, but it must be proactively managed with constant attention to be beneficial.

For those who are on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum, this can be a difficult action to take. Under managed care, health insurance plans contract with providers and hospitals to provide care for patients at lower cost. But patients who enroll in a managed care plan should be aware of both the benefits and the drawbacks of those plans.

The pros and cons of managed mental health care
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