The relationship between employers and employees based on the argument that inequality is all about

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Labor 2030: The Collision of Demographics, Automation and Inequality

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$15 Minimum Wage

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How Widespread Is Labor Monopsony? Some New Results Suggest It’s Pervasive.

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The problem of labor market monopsony—buyer power among employers—has gotten increasing attention in recent years, including in my Roosevelt Institute paper with Roosevelt fellow Mike Konczal, in a Council of Economic Advisors issue brief, and in a widely-circulated paper by economist Simcha Barkai.

The basic idea of monopsony is that if employers. A growing number of cities, including Seattle, are examining the costs and benefits of implementing citywide minimum wage laws. Citywide minimum wage laws offer local governments a powerful tool for helping low-income workers and families in their communities.

Such measures also have significant impact on businesses and how. scrutiny. The myth of equality in the employment relation takes the latter form.

Equity theory

It is commonplace that employers and employees are not on equal footing. The inequality between them is multi-dimensional.

Employers have more wealth.1 Employers have more bargaining power.2 Owners and managers are usually of higher social status.3 1. Preliminary versions of economic research.

The Time-Varying Effect of Monetary Policy on Asset Prices. Pascal Paul • Federal Reserve Bank of San FranciscoEmail: [email protected] First online version: November How the interactions among the firm’s owners, managers, and employees influence wages, work, and profits, and how this affects the entire economy.

The relationship between employers and employees based on the argument that inequality is all about
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How Widespread Is Labor Monopsony? Some New Results Suggest It’s Pervasive. - Roosevelt Institute