Who were the muckrakers and what did they write about

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Who Were The Muckrakers And What Did They Do

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Theodore Roosevelt

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Who are the Muckrakers?

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They earned the name "muckrakers" because they were criticized as being obsessed with. Who were "muckrakers", and what impact did they have on American society? Muckrakers exposed big industries such as meat packaging (Sinclair), Standard Oil Company (Tarbell).

This opened the eyes of Americans not only to the conditions of the factories, but the. Muckrakers were investigative reporters and writers during the Progressive Era () who wrote about corruption and injustices in order to make changes in society.

The term was actually coined by the progressive president Theodore Roosevelt in his speech "The Man With the Muck Rake" referring to a passage in John Bunyan's.

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Journalists of the previous eras were not linked to a single political, populist movement as the muckrakers were associated with Progressive reforms. While the muckrakers continued the investigative exposures and sensational traditions of yellow journalism, they wrote to change society.

The term muckraker was used in the Progressive Era to characterize reform-minded American journalists who attacked established institutions and leaders as corrupt. They typically had large audiences in some popular magazines.

In the US, the modern term is investigative journalism—it has different and more pejorative connotations in British English—and investigative journalists in the US.

Who were the muckrakers and what did they write about
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