Write a congruence statement about the sides of the given triangle

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Side Angle Side Postulate

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How Is a Congruence Statement Written?

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Congruence (geometry)

The congruence of the other two pairs of sides were already given to us, so we are done proving congruence between the sides. Now we must show that all angles are congruent within the triangles. One pair has already been given to us, so we must show that the other two pairs are congruent.

For example, a congruence between two triangles, ABC and DEF, means that the three sides and the three angles of both triangles are congruent.

Side AB is congruent to side DE. Side BC is congruent to side EF. Triangle Congruence - SSS and SAS. If three sides of one triangle are congruent to three sides of another triangle, then the triangles are congruent. As you can see, the SSS Postulate does not concern itself with angles at all.

We are initially given that segments AC and EC are congruent, and that segment BC is congruent to DC. A triangle with three sides that are each equal in length to those of another triangle, for example, are congruent.

Triangle Congruences. Not!

This statement can be abbreviated as SSS. Two triangles that feature two equal sides and one equal angle between them, SAS, are also congruent.

For example, If you were given the lengths of two sides and the included angle (SAS), there is only one possible triangle you could draw. If you drew two of them, they would be the same shape and size - the definition of congruent.

To write a correct congruence statement, the implied order must be the correct one. The good feature of this convention is that if you tell me that triangle XYZ is congruent to triangle CBA, I know from the notation convention that XY = CB, angle X = angle C, etc.

Write a congruence statement about the sides of the given triangle
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