Write about the effects of fertilizers and pesticides on environment

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Negative & Positive Effects of Pesticides & Fertilizer

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Environmental impact of pesticides

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Organic fertilizers are guaranteed to be safe for the environment, the body and free of pesticides. Water Pollution. The most significant harmful effects come from fertilizer that is designed to kill or prevent weeds. According to the EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs, 12 of the most popular pesticides in the United States have ingredients known to cause cancer.

Organic fertilizers are guaranteed to be safe for the environment, the body and free of redoakpta.comd: Jun 17, The benefits of using fertilizers and pesticides to keep crops healthy are the driving force behind the widespread use of these treatments.

Curtailing blights, disease, insects and malnourishment, fertilizers and pesticides help maximize the food stocks gain from each acre of field agriculture.

According to the soil scientist Dr. Elaine Ingham, “If we lose both bacteria and fungi, then the soil degrades. Overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have effects on the soil organisms that are similar to human overuse of antibiotics. Modern Agriculture: Its Effects on the Environment.

by Nancy M. Trautmann and Keith S. Porter Center for Environmental Research and Robert J. Wagenet The subsoils that remain tend to be less fertile, less absorbent, and less able to retain pesticides, fertilizers, and other plant nutrients.

What exactly are fertilizers and how do fertilizers affect the environment? Well, a fertilizer is a substance, be it synthetic or organic, which is added to the soil in order to increase the supply of essential nutrients that boost the growth of plants and vegetation in that soil.

Write about the effects of fertilizers and pesticides on environment
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Agricultural Pesticides and Human Health